Engineers and designers that are involved in many lengthy multidisciplinary projects are similar to decathlon runners. They have to switch between projects, delay some tasks, run up on others and deal with all kinds of technical and administrative issues at the same time. This hassle operational environment needs more management as no other.

The control comes from Project Management. This approach allows you to reschedule projects and resources in order to match the amount of work with your engineering resources. To make it work someone has to specify all the tasks and their order, determine task duration, estimate amount of hours each task will take and who is qualified to work on the task. There is a lot of information to put into planning to make it work. However as soon as you put all pieces together a sudden change comes. Say goodbye to your beautiful planning and start over. Imaging doing this on tens of projects, every day. Operational changes seriously kill the benefits of project management approach due to rising amount of administrative work.

Classical Project Management approach aims to deliver a working path that should follow the ideal project plan. Any path difference is considered to be an error. Project managers focuses or risks and tries to consider all of them to make the path as close possible to the plan. For operational manager changes is the way of life. He is much less constrained considering risks because most of the project tasks are routine.

MS Case is a MS Project based approach to overcome operational chaos and benefit from project management. MS Case takes care of all business rules for each specific project and computes project schedule after running an easy to use wizard.  Extra features of MS Case such as integration with our ERP systems allow to minimize the amount of manual work and double registration. Making a project plan was never easier. With just few clicks operational manager gets a customized plan that otherwise would require hours of work.

We also use customized reporting that add extra important features for us. We plan now more and we plan at more detailed level. It is amazing to see a large company working according to the same principles and having a realtime overview and control of its resource capacity.




Adapt to changes

MS Case is made for project changes. Block structure of MS Case project template is easy to reschedule or postpone.

Intelligent Wizard

Intelligent Wizard will ask you few question before it will stitch plan pieces together in fully functional project plan.


Do you have other systems such as ERP or CRM to align your project planning to? MS Case has endless integration features.

All features of Project Online

All features of Project Online or MS Project on premise including beautiful reporting that can be adjusted to your operational targets and style.