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INNOVATORS: we carry analytics and startup culture to deal with operational problems.  

“Analytics and startup culture are two strategic elements that dutch companies find by Plansis. We are proud to join projects and teams that have ambitions for changes. Together we get excellent results.”

Maxim Ivashkov, oprichter Plansis

  • Data : we are experts in finding and pulling relevant data from Excel, Databases or Big data.
  • Calculations: we specialize in building analytical models and computational engines using SQL Server or R.
  • Charts: We practice building beautiful dashboards that tell the story.

Our Innovators help you with:

The Ultimate Tooling

All planners and forecasters are working with Excel.  Do you use Excel in efficient way and do you use other technologies such as Azure, R, SharePoint, MS Access, Reporting Services? 

Expand planning

Efficient planning empowers planners to plan more and better. By generalizing and consolidating planning you integrate all processes and work toward the whole picture of costs and revenue. 

Apply Lean, Step by Step Principles 

Start big changes small. Begin with a  small part of operation. Learn how people work, improve it and implement a sustainable solution that provides feedback quickly. 

Unlock your energy 

Accept that people are different. Bring more transparency and help others to understand why are you doing something.