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We are leading serious operational management changes. Here we explain how.

Startup Culture

Startup culture puts emphasis on creative problem solving, flat hierarchy and open communication. We use management by the numbers to boost collaboration and talents. 


Serious Play ICT

An agile operational change starts small, from an ICT play-ground. Everything is possible, it is a serious play. We build fully functional prototypes on top of Microsoft Business Intelligence and MS Office technologies. It is fast and cost efficient. 



Artificial Intelligence and BI 

Too often planning systems miss intelligent features. We specialize is Business intelligence and build state of the art algorithms or user interfaces using technologies such as web services, R, cloud analytics or big data. Beter Integration and data management are key enablers. 



Management of large volumes of operations can be stressful to change. We believe that agile approach means starting with a small group of talented people and learning from it. It is a very low risk start with huge upwards potential for improvements.


While analytics helps to forecast bulk operations such as calls; project management methods are more suitable to manage delayed spaghetti like operations. Any approach has limitations. Do not just go agile or waterfall because a large consultancy guy is saying so. Listen to your own experts.


Management by the numbers is stressful for everyone. Supporting solutions should be responsive, to the point, boost collaboration, problem solving. Bringing new experiences and boosting self e-learning are far stronger results than any KPIs.

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