MS Case

Imagine every engineer gets specific recommendations about what to do today and what to postpone. What can happen if everyone is aligned and works towards common goals, day by day? MS Case enables implementations of Project Management in fast changing operational settings such as utilities or engineering companies.

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MS Cloud

De bekendheid van MS Office met de kracht van de Cloud. Leer hoe de Cloud uw Excel en Access data kunt ontzorgen.

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Leading analytical change in operations management

At Plansis we specialize in creating analytical solutions for operations management. Our Serious ICT Playground approach is proven to solve complex operational problems that otherwise cost you 4 to 5 digits each year. We practice a combination of rapid development, analytics and database (cloud) services according to your vision. We can deal with unclear requirements and move towards comprehensive computational solutions. We are different from larger consultancies due to our vision and start-up culture that is transparent, social and result driven.

Cloud services

Cloud analytics is the technology that makes a difference to any operational business. Forecasting, robo advisers, mobile reports are just few powerful applications. Make your first cloud computing experience with us. We help you to make a roadmap, migrate data and smoothly integrate cloud analytics into your operations.

Innovators in planning

We are group of innovators in planning that has a proven track record of improving operational planning technologies by applying agile approach. Our startup culture makes us different from traditional consultancies and allows us to innovate at rapid pace.

MS Project for Engineering Operations

We developed a unique project management approach to deal with messy operations. We call it MS Case. Engineers and designers that are involved in many lengthy multidisciplinary projects are similar to decathlon runners. They have to switch between projects, delay some, speed up on others and deal with all kinds of issues at the same time.

Operations Analytics

Any operational planning system is lacking analytical insight and integration. We constantly see frustrations by operational managers and planners about in-company data management. By using our own rapid development approach and powerful Microsoft BI tools we deliver “no limits” and easy to use analytical solutions on the go. Check out our existing software solutions. Some are free for you to download.

Engineering projects is our daily business. Projects are driven by maintenance planning and/or clients’ requests for new gas or electric connection. As a operational project manager I am involved in more than 100 small projects running in parallel. We have to deal with much uncertainty due to changes, regulations and parties involved. In order to work more efficient and support agile ways of work we needed an easy to use project management approach.

MS Case helps us to integrate and automates planning according to our business rules. New projects are created in seconds by using an easy to use wizard that takes care of integrity. This saves us a lot of time. I need this time to coach team members and resolve issues. My engineers can be more productive and easily get an overview of their tasks. Without MS Case we would not be able to implement MS Project in our hassle engineering environment.

Alliander PM


I worked with Maxim for the ANWB Alarm Centrale. He was responsible for writing an application by which the ANWB is able to predict their call volume in a much better way. Maxim developed a serie of algorithms which are able to predict the volume based on expected weather conditions, traffic forecast. The result is amazing. I will definitely use his expertise again. Ad van der Linden ANWB


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